Monday, July 29, 2013

Paul Aboard EAA Ford Trimotor at 2013 EAA Oshkosh AirVenture

Ford Trimotor Left Engine on Take Off
Left Engine EAA Ford Trimotor on Take Off
at 2013 EAA Oshkosh AirVenture
EAA Ford Trimotor 2013 Oshkosh AirVenture left engine on landing.  That is the propeller just to my left less than a foot from my window.  I sat in the first seat on the left behind the pilot.  The plane was built in 1929.  This airplane was the first aircraft owned by Eastern Airlines and was one of the first passenger airliners.  one seat on each side of the plane - carries 10 people - crossing the country.  Think about this this next time you have a problem on a trip.  As I looked at this propeller I was lad parts are still available - and that these are new.

Paul Gavin at Oshkosh to see Kimberleigh's 2013 EAA AirVenture T-shirt design on display

First sight of EAA Grounds
Passing EAA Museum Sign
P51 Mustangs fly overhead as I write - this was our first documentable sighting of the 2013 EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh event grounds.  We passed it yesterday on our way into town and will be heading over to the event now.  Excited to see Kimberleigh's official EAA 2013 AirVenture t-shirts on display.  Also want to get back home and finish the new Dana Point painting... it is so close.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

2013 EAA AirVenture Event T-shirt Design As Giclee Art Poster

The 2013 EAA AirVenture Event T-shirt design was finished too late to be made into an Official 2013 AirVenture Event Poster however the Artists are considering creating custom and very high quality 11" x 14" giclee art poster prints for $80.00 that can be easily framed in pre-cut mats and frames available at your local frame shops.  Are you interested?  Email and let us know.

Paul and 25th Anniversary Dana Point Harbor Painting at Jon's Fish Market Today July 27 4-7 PM

A reminder that I and my new 25th Anniversary Dana Point Harbor Painting will be at Jon's Fish Market in the Harbor today, July 27 4-7 PM.  This is going back to my roots as that is where I displayed my first Dana Point Harbor piece back in 1988.  Come by and see me and the new piece.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Paul Gavin at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh July 29 - 30

T-shirt designed by Kimberleigh & Paul Gavin
Gavin Designed 2013 EAA AirVenture Event T-Shirt
Kimberleigh designed the 2013 EAA Oshkosh AirVenture event t-shirt & Paul will be heading to Oshkosh Sunday morning to attend the first three days of the event to get more ideas for possible future designs.

It will be an exciting event and there will be much to see.  Although we have been to many air shows across the country over the last twenty (20) years, this is the "Mother of All Air Shows" and there will be more different and interesting aircraft than I have ever seen.

It is the Experimental Aircraft Association's event, the world's largest gathering of warbirds, aerobatics, ultra-lights, vintage and of course experimental home built aircraft - and more.

If you are an aviation buff check back to see what I may blog and check our site for any other aviation related posters or wearables you may like to purchase.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Artist Paul Gavin's 25th Anniversary Painting of Dana Point Harbor; Giclee's available

Paul Gavin's painting of Dana Point Harbor from above OCMarine Institute done 25 years after his first piece from the same location
Paul Gavin's 25th Anniversary Painting of Dana Point Harbor - in process

Artist Paul Gavin is finishing his 25th Anniversary Painting of Dana Point Harbor and reproductions will soon be available. The new piece is an oil painting and like his watercolor painting Dana Dreams: An Endless Summer, the first of his Premier Coastal Series completed in 1988 the view is from above the Orange County Marine Institute looking across the Harbor toward's Dana Point, Capistrano Beach, and San Clemente with Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in the distance.  However much has changed since then and the new piece shows them.  The Marine Institute has been completely rebuilt and Brig Pilgrim, the Spirit of Dana Point and the R/V Sea Explorer are visible in the foreground.  The harbor is alive with stand-up paddle boarders - (see Paul's Three Wise Men) (that have replaced the 1988 wind surfers) launching from Baby Beach - or Mom's Beach.  Because it is an oil the new painting is also much brighter than the original Dana Dreams; the medium enables much stronger sense of light and life.

This new oil painting of the Dana Point Harbor also has a great story.  Paul actually started it back in 1989 as part of project for another client but circumstances prevented his finishing it.  Then this year one of Paul's clients Dana Point resident Steve Muller discovered the painting in his new building.  He new Paul's work and that it was not finished and that it was the old harbor so brought it to Paul and asked if he would complete it.  The timing was perfect as it also coincides with the upcoming 25th Anniversary of the City of Dana Point.  Giclee reproductions of this image will be available in about three (3) weeks.  Are you interested in one? Check back soon or better yet email Paul and Kimberleigh at and get on the release list.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kimberleigh Gavin and her 2013 San Clemente Chamber of Commerce Fiesta T Shirts at Village Art Fair

Kimberleigh Gavin's Hand drawn image featuring her "Queen of the Surf Guitar"
2013 San Clemente Fiesta Design
by Kimberleigh Gavin, Gavin Arts
The 2013 San Clemente Chamber of Commerce Fiesta T Shirts are printed and now available.  Featuring Kimberleigh Gavin's creation the "Queen of the Surf Guitar",  it is a bright and beautiful piece reminiscent of the great rock posters of the 60's and 70's.

Today, Sunday July 7 Kimberleigh has them at the First Sunday of the month San Clemente Village Art Fair and is in front of the new Russell's Stationers at 136 Ave. Del Mar where she will be each first Sunday for the next few months with this and other designs.  The Fiesta Shirts sold out early last year so order yours today.

Better yet, come get yours today at the Village Art Fair on Del Mar and meet Kimberleigh and have her sign it for you!