Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gavin Arts Pleased U.S. Navy Blue Angels to Fly and Perform 2014 Air Show Season

60th Anniversary Blue Angels Painting by Paul Gavin
Kimberleigh and Paul Gavin of Gavin Arts are pleased the Department of Defense and the US Navy have announced the Blue Angels will fly a 2014 Air Show Schedule. The Sequestration and its canceling of the Blue Angels, the USAF Thunderbirds and all military performance and even static display participation in air shows for 2013 caused many air show cancellations and dealt a blow to many individuals, companies and cities across the country and prevented individual military units from generating much needed additional funds for family needs and activities.

Paul began supporting military units and events in 1984 at the Blimp Hangars at MCAS Tustin, and Kimberleigh joined him when they married in 1993 with the 1993 MCAS El Toro Air Show and the 1993 25th Anniversary TopGun design and they have done it ever since.

This will be good news if it actually happens.  Let's hope it does.  

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