Saturday, May 25, 2013

51 Ford Art Truck at San Clemente Pier

Paul's 1951 Ford Art Truck
Paul's 1951 Ford Art Truck
Many people have noted that for the last two weekends my art and I have been at the San Clemente Pier the 51 Ford Art Truck is nowhere to be seen.   First of all, thank you for noticing and asking.   The simple explanation is an electrical problem, and those who own or work with vehicles knows, an electrical problem is never really “simple” especially those with the authentic 6-volt system.   Although it appears to have been resolved, I am giving the truck a few more daytime trips to ensure all is consistently good.  It is dark in the morning when I drive to the pier and I return home at night.  Headlights and the electric overdrive pull a lot of current and I would hate to have a malfunction that would keep me from getting to the “office” on time, or especially after such a long day, getting home to bed!  It will be back soon and thanks again for asking.   If you swing by next weekend it should be there.   

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