Saturday, November 30, 2013

Three Peaceful Wise Men Paddle Surf for the Perfect Beach Christmas Image and Gift

Like the Three Magi of Biblical fame riding their camels west across the Middle Eastern desert these three peaceful wise men stand up paddle west into the sunset towards the evening Christmas star in the perfect sunny weather Beach Christmas image that is relevant year round.  The idea came from thinking about how to portray a California Christmas in an image that wouldn't be passé on Christmas morning.   Watching paddle board surfers while displaying my art on the San Clemente Pier it suddenly became very clear as they reminded me of the Three Kings crossing the desert and Venus prominent in the western Winter sky as the Christmas star brought it all together.  In the first sketches the paddlers were going across the image but the long boards made the figures small, so turning them to paddle into the sunset made it perfect.  The painting's full title?  "Three Wise Men: Peace on Earth or We Three Kings of Orient 'Oar'".  Another local reference is to the legendary "Three Wise Men" of San Onofre, the original "Old Guys".  Thinking of the best gift for the paddle board surfer you know?  This is it, and they can be customized to suit.  Check it out.

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