Sunday, May 26, 2013

San Clemente Coastal Commuters and Air Shows

Pelicans Fly Over the San Clemente Pier
Pelicans over the San Clemente Pier
All day multiple groups of Brown Pelicans have flown over the San Clemente Pier in their usual elegant and brilliantly fluctuating formations.  These “Coastal Commuters” are magnificent creatures and represent the best in flight.  They are always an “air show”;  as they pass in my mind I hear the roar of jet engines.
Pelicans Fly Over San Clemente Pier Bowl Clock Tower
Coastal Commute

Speaking of aerial demonstrations, today's traditional Indy 500 military jet flyover was performed by civilian aircraft this year.
“Sequestration” mandated DOD budget cuts has grounded all military flight demos including the Thunderbirds & Blue Angels.

These cuts will also affect the MCAS Miramar Air Show with which we have been involved for years.  What’s happening for 2013?  Although the Blues won’t fly the base is still pressing forward to plan and execute the show.  The final decision will be made in July.  As for the pelicans I’m glad they’re ignoring Sequestration memo.  Their budgets are in order.

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