Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mustard along San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano Trails and Hills

Saddleback through mustard
Saddleback and Capistrano Valley through Mustard
Trailside Mustard San Juan Capistrano
Trail side Mustard
The recent rains helped spawn some mustard and helped the other native plants along the roads and  trails in the San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano hills that will hopefully survive the recent Santa Ana Winds and heat wave.  Walking on the trail in the late morning I am enjoying views of the San Juan Capistrano Basilica,  Mission San Juan Capistrano, St. Margaret's School and the San Juan Capistrano Valley across to Saddleback Mountain. The sticky monkey flower and Coyote Brush are plentiful and in full bloom and the warm gusting breezes intensify the mustard fragrance as I was entertained and truly inspired by natures creatures and aviators frolicking in their element.

In the last few days three red-tail hawks, an American Kestral, two white tailed kites, a pair of turkey vultures, the occasional crow and a Northern Harrier effortlessly maneuvered in and negotiated the strong and changing wind flows.  Of course the Capistrano Cliff Swallows zipped through the air snagging snacks while two or three roadrunners shared the walk at a few turns and a curved beaked California Thrasher zipped across the trail in front of me.

Sticky Monkey Flower
Beautiful Sticky Monkey Flower
South County is beautiful and these days are special. Hopefully the green and blooms will be around for a little while longer.  

As with them our lives are always getting shorter.  Time is flying, we are getting older and the world is turning.

Get out and take a walk, even a little one.  Look listen and smell.  Disconnect for just a little while.   It is very good for the soul. These moments are precious.

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